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The domain itself tends to have references to not-exactly-top-40 songs throughout.
Neither the domain itself is original, nor is the "header image". They reference songs I felt conveyed an idea I liked.

The domain? Well...Some people tend to end up excluded from "society" and end up "alone".  This exemplifies the
 retroactive cry for help/support of one of those individuals.
 This domain is not infact a safe-haven or a meeting ground for those people as the codyfing poem would suggest.

Versus connecting through discussion, connections here are made by expressing common ideals and emotions through art of all forms.
 The website design is intentionally minimalist, and likely to break and look poor. It mimics the apathy that can
 result from the depression experienced by these "lost souls".  It is a stylistic choice, send complaints to /dev/null
 This is intended to convey what I myself have felt in ways that might help others to relate.
I do not intend to act as a "voice" to these people or act as a spokesperson. I am merely expressing what I went through
 partially as a way to vent. This truly is a "personal" project.
These "lost souls" were not necessarily "lost" as a result of their own actions. Often as a result of being born in to
 a bad situation they had no escape from that made them "different" or caused them to lack important knowledge.

Call me pretentious if you wish, I have stated this is a personal story and that I am not a "role model" or spokesperson.

In the case of my life-to-now, I have learned one thing for sure: ignorance really IS bliss.